new year is coming, so are new incentives with FW fitness

Over the last few years we have seen some great progress made by our members. Their achievements in obstacle courses, challenges and fantastic results in fat loss, fitness and health have really inspired us. As a new initiative beginning January 3rd 2014 we will be rewarding success in fat loss/weight loss!! How it will work: All members that are interested will have there body stats taken and recorded by a member of staff. once your initial measurements have been taken we will take them again every 4 weeks. rewarding the biggest loss with a prize! Effectively the end of each month measurements will be taken. Because of this your measurements need to be taken at the start of a month making you eligible. So don't worry if you miss the beginning of Jan you can do it the beginning of Feb and so on!! More details will be given in January! but if you need another reason other than the satisfaction of becoming fitter and healthier then this is for you!  

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