NEW ‘Train with’ program

On social media, Matt revealed that the fitness team will be starting a train with program. Giving new members, beginners or selected members the opportunity to jump in on the workouts of the fitness team. here's an overview: A nominated team member each day will state the time he or she is training, what they're workout out and for how long and how many people can jump in. Those interested will call or book in advance so there staff member is aware. Each day will be a different member of staff and this is sure to help members grow in confidence, understanding and enjoy workouts that will get results. This is a FREE to members initiative! no additional costs and a person can attend 4 weeks worth of 'train with' program in total. That's as many sessions as possible within 4 weeks! All we ask in return is you check in on your social media at the time and write up a status stating what you are doing! for more information email or call us with any questions you may have! Please note: this isn't a personal training or coaching program you will not be trained by, but simply jump in on the sessions of staff members. After 4 weeks you may take up personal training services or decide to go your own route. Nutrition plans and coaching is not included in this program.

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