Starting 10th October! JOIN NOW & ENTER OUR FAT LOSS CHALLENGE! Memberships starting from ONLY £15.99pm From now until Christmas eve we will be rewarding 3 members that lose the most weight through eating right & exercise. Whatever your preferred style of training: classes, cardio, resistance or mix. Now is the time to get active and achieve some goals! Every Monday & Friday we will have our fitness team setting out a gym plan for you. That fits in best with your schedule and preferred style of workouts. Mondays 10:30am Gym plan programming Mondays 6:00pm Gym plan programming Fridays 9am gym plan programming Fridays 7pm Gym plan programming how it works: you will be weighed on either a Monday or Friday and it will be logged. On this same appointment (on the times above) you will discuss with a member of the fitness team a plan forward for weight loss and your target date (again one of the days above) the 3 members to lose the most weight will win 1 of 3 awesome rewards! for more information speak to a member of the fitness team! The sooner you join and enter the better chance you have of achieving the results you crave!

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