Even more energy entered into our class timetable!!

The team at FW have been putting their heads together to introduce different concepts for training and classes. We have the following to really get the heart pumping, blood pulsing and muscles working; as always in our renowned fun and friendly environment: *HIIT Training with Nick: High intensity interval training, for those really wanting to imrpove fitness and recovery time an, intense class for 20 minutes. *Fat blast with Matt/Nick: Each having our own style leading this class... Working with studio weights and body weight to music; varying tempos and set rest periods. this class is fantastic for Burning Fat, tightening and toning. lasting 45 minutes *20 in 20 with Matt: this is a short blast class for those short on time that still want to get the blood flowing and a workout. 20 exercises in 20 minutes as simple as that! fantastic for general health and fitness, flexibility and getting the whole body moving. *Cardio Attack with Matt: this is 45 minutes of fat burning and fitness training within the boundaries of cardio... No weights, only you body weight, will power and determination... sessions can and will include Spin bikes, rowers, oudoor running, mat work and whole body movements. Fantastic class for those feeling they are losing motivation and need that extra push! *Resistance Workshop with Jimmy: This class is a drop in group session designed to educate you on the benefits of resistance training and using weights. Effective for Fat loss, toning, rehabilitation of muscles and joints and strengthening. Whilst applying what you discuss in the sessions this is an invaluable class to help you get the best out of your time exercising. *Boxing fitness with Dean: Working with techniques movements and discplines from boxing. You will the learn the art of boxing as well as the fitness that comes with it. Movement, agility and stamina are key. a Fun and engaging alternative for fitness; for those interested in boxing and those looing to try something new! These classes have been sloted in to the weekly class timetable along side all other classes, no need to book so just turn up! We hope to see you there!

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