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Happy mothers day to all the moms out there! enjoy your special day!


Due to worsening weather and lack of attendees we will be closing early this evening at 6pm. Tomorrow morning will be as normal unless otherwise stated. please check back on our website or facebook page for latest updates. Regards FW

march Gym Challenge

we had some great response to the Feb Gym challenge! lots of members getting involved. well done to everyone with a special mention to Rory how achieved the most and assistant manager Val coming second. March Gym challenge: 2 separate challenges
  1. 10km Row as fast as you can
  2.  How many burpees can you complete in 3 minutes?
Do one or both. GOOD LUCK!

February Gym Challenge

The gym challenge for February will be to see who can do the most lengths on the monkey bars without touching the ground (including turns).

New Class Timetable From 5th February

From the 5th February, the new class timetable will be starting which now gives members the opportunity to attend the 60 minute Metafit class on Tuesday mornings as well as the current 30 minute Wednesday evening class! In the first 30 minutes of the Tuesday class, studio weights will be used and body weights will be used in the following 30 minutes.

January Offer

Join on £24.99 and pay NOTHING until 25th January! In store offer only and only available throughout January

Xmas opening times

Merry Christmas! Here is our opening times over the holiday season: 24th Dec 8am - 12pm 25th & 26th Dec CLOSED 27th - 30th Dec 8am - 4pm 31st Dec 8am - 12pm 1st Jan CLOSED  2nd Jan normal hours

Health Awareness Month

January & February 2018 We have teamed up with NHS to bring our members some super beneficial services to diagnose potential and hidden dangers and provide preventative advice. From Mid Jan to Mid Feb we will be giving out healthy lifestyle advice and exercise for health routines. NHS nurses will come to us on 19th Jan and again 9th Feb to conduct free health checks for the over 40's. These will include: cholesterol and blood sugar testing along with other assessments to get a detailed view of current health. We cannot state enough how important this is!   Each assessment will be done in a closed off room and last around 20 - 30 minutes per person.   Booking are required so please make this a priority and set yourself a time. if you have any questions please get in touch and you can also speak to the You+ team located in the town centre

PUMP & LIFT added to evenings

our very popular morning class Pump & lift has been added to the evening schedule! Tuesday nights 6pm! Great for developing strength, bettering fitness and weight management. booking advised

Get achieving with our pulse pounding classes

Metafit download Spin-Class meta circuits tbt