BRICK Training Sunday Sessions

Sundays are historically for the most part a day of rest for many. Whether it being a day to recover from the night before, a day of relaxing after a busy week and the calm before the next. However as modern times require flexibility we are encouraging people to come in and train over the weekend period! After all no one regrets a good workout even if they lacked the motivation to begin with, people leave happy they did! So we want a Sunday class revival! we have some great classes to get to grips with that will constantly vary and keep you guessing, pushing and progressing week in week out. BRICK training 10am with Jimmy starting 20th July - Endurance and stamina focus. challenging the body with all forms of cardio to really get the blood flowing, heart pumping and happy hormones running! WOD of the Week 1pm with Jimmy - inspired by the ever growing cross fit brand of training. We set out a circuit/routine/course, tell you the rules within a given time and off you go!  Some weight based exercises, some body weight some cardio and some core. Anything goes in this session! Make sure you get down to these classes on a Sunday and throughout the week we have a wide variety of classes that our members rave about!

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